Born in 1970 to a strict Roman Catholic family, church was a main focus every weekend for Joseph Andrade. Throughout the week Joe would recite the rosary every night. It was at the age of 5 that Joe started to have Night Terrors. His dreams were full of images of demons attacking him in his sleep. (In his young mind, the only evil entity that he was aware of was Satan, so these demons were completely foreign to him.

They attacked him relentlessly during his sleep and when he would wake up he would see a white light. Once that light appeared, all the demons would suddenly burst into flame and scatter, just when when he was about to achieve full consciousness. Joe would literally sweat through pajamas, the blankets, sheets and into the mattress itself. His psychic abilities began to manifest during these years.

Joe prayed long and hard for an end to his torment. He did not feel he could tell anyone because of fear of ridicule and that his family would think him crazy.

These night terrors continued almost every night for several years. At the age of 10, while attending Sunday school Joe reached out to the Priest of his church while during a confession. The Priest told him to pray, concentrating on seeking the help of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Archangel Michael and the all the Heavenly Angels to protect him.

In his dreams, while battling demons in hell, with the aid of St. Michael, the smells of rotten flesh (which at the time he had no clue what it smelt like, until many years later), vinegar, and brimstone (AKA sulfur) assaulted his senses.

Throughout Joe’s teenage years, the attacks became much less frequent. Also during his late teens Joe became infatuated with Satanism, the Occult, Demonology, and everything metaphysical. Straying from the church, he searched out other religions and began familiarizing himself with other beliefs.

For a time he joined the Church of Satan but found that the only good thing that came out of this experience was that he was able to learn all he could about the demonic nightmares that plagued him during his childhood.

Feeling “lost” once again, Joe turned to the Church of Latter Day Saints in the hope of finding a place closer to the Heavenly Father and to not fear God or death. At this time, he found himself, after a few years of study, himself becoming part of the Melchizedek priesthood. He also taught Sunday school and went on missionary walks along with the Elders. He also planned and conducted Bible study meetings.

It was during a meeting with a church Patriarch that Joe received a prophetic blessing, the act of which is both sacred and secret.

This blessing was recorded in the Patriarch’s office and it was at this time that the Patriarch began to recount the seemingly demonic night terrors of Joe’s youth.

The Patriarch then went on to say “Archangel Michael was with you, he is with you now, and you are in battle with evil until Michael himself will say it is over. You have him and all the angels at your disposal, to protect you, your family, your future family, and to anyone who need his help with the Spiritual Wars that is coming.”

Joe Andrade has been mentored by Demonologist Keith Johnson and Keith’s wife Sandra Johnson, as well as his brother Carl Johnson who were core members of SyFy's Ghost Hunters.

Joe has worked with several teams and individuals including Psychic Medium Robyne Marie, Paranormal EXpeditions of Paranormal Challenge, Chris Nicoletti and Scream Paranormal, and with many more teams and individuals around the globe

His research of the paranormal has spanned nearly 30 years and is ongoing.