Joe Andrade is not only a good personal friend, but also someone who I consider a valuable colleague in the fields of both paranormal investigation and demonology. My wife Sandra and I always enjoy getting the opportunity to confer on cases with Joe, and to participate in field research with him. We also know that in a situation where the safety of both clients and team members is of vital importance, we can trust Joe implicitly!

~ Keith Johnson, Demonologist, NEAR co-founder

I give my highest recommendation to Joe Andrade, as a fellow researcher in the field of Parapsychology. I have had the opportunity to work first-hand with Joe on several serious Paranormal Investigations, where we were brought in to handle a demonic-like situation. Joe handled himself with true professionalism. He displayed exemplary behavior in offering clear and concise feedback to the client, as well as taking into consideration the family's fragile emotional state. Joe consistently has been compassionate and empathetic towards not only the living, but while working with spirit communication. Spiritually, Joe radiates his positive energy and intent to subdue situations where peace struggles to exist. The calming, spiritual tones of his voice, his fervent prayers and intentions bring such peace over the client and even co-workers on the team. I feel it an honor to work beside him. I put my personal trust in him to accomplish any given task in relation to the Paranormal realm.
Rev. Robyne Marie, Ph.D

Joe Andrade was on my Blog Talk Radio show as a guest. Joe was GREAT! He read for some of my callers and he also read for me! Joe is very knowledgeable, insightful and right on target! What he told me, is already starting to come true!
Marry Barrett Psychic Medium, Certified Master Hypnotist

Demonologist and Mystic Joseph Andrade, a talented individual who has helped in spiritual battle against negative entities for years. This man is our brother in arms and one of the many top people I go to when I need help or advice of any kind.
~ Jose Prado